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Love Town Hall? Become an insider! In The Moment with Jini Palmer offers a slice of Town Hall culture and puts you in the room for exclusive behind-the-scenes conversations. Listen in as a rotating cast of prominent local voices, along with Chief Correspondent Steve Scher, get to know upcoming speakers before they visit our stages. Get an insider perspective you won’t find anywhere else—a bi-weekly snapshot of all things Town Hall.


Jini Palmer is a filmmaker, multi-instrumentalist, and the Digital Media Producer at Town Hall. She is the host of In The Moment, as well as Town Hall’s Science, Civics, and Arts & Culture series podcasts. Prior to joining Town Hall’s program team, she interned on 88.5 KNKX‘s Sound Effect.



Fans of Seattle public radio will recognize Steve Scher from his 28 years as a host, writer, and interviewer with 94.9 KUOW. He has earned a national reputation for his beyond-the-headlines approach to issues, and his intelligent and sensitive interviews with authors, scientists, artists and political leaders.



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Feb 6, 2019

In this bonus episode, get an inside look at the past and present of our Global Rhythms series! Host Jini Palmer talks with Spider Kedelsky, the founder of the Global Rhythms series (1:00). He recalls how the music series came to be and shares his experience working with different groups and musicians over the years....

Jan 30, 2019

This bonus episode of In The Moment offers an insider's look at our Town Music series! Host Jini Palmer talks with Town Music curator Joshua Roman about chamber music, the theatrical aspects of a live performance, and his selection process for each season's lineup. They dive into this season of Town Music, taking a look...

Dec 22, 2018

Host Jini Palmer speaks with Megan Castillo, Town Hall's Community Engagement Manager, about our community's responses on social media about favorite Town Hall moments (2:15). Jini and Steve highlight a selection of interviews which didn't make it into previous episodes. Speakers include: Blair Imani with Monica Guzman...

Nov 29, 2018

Randy Shaw speaks with Town Hall Correspondent Tammy Morales to examine the rising tide of factors that are making metropolitan housing unaffordable (2:17). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher sits down with Octavio Solis to unpack the rich personal history of memoir and explore the dreams of his past (13:12). Host Jini...

Nov 15, 2018

Correspondent Alex Gallo-Brown hears from Denise Hearn about the economic monoliths undermining capitalism in our nation, and the anti-worker policies running rampant in corporate culture (1:55). Chief Correspondent Steve Scher speaks with Alex Rosenblat about her research on Uber, and how its algorithms are quietly...