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Highlighting big ideas from both recent and soon-to-come events, In The Moment is a rolling Town Hall timeline, with you at the center. Every two weeks, hosts Steve Scher and Jini Palmer rewind through the recent past and fast-forward to the near future, catching you up on events you may have missed and offering a glimpse into the weeks ahead. With hundreds of programs annually, it’s impossible to make them all–In The Moment helps you stay in touch with Town Hall even when you can’t be here, and points the way to nights you won’t want to miss.

Fans of Seattle public radio will recognize Steve Scher from his 28 years as a host, writer, and interviewer with 94.9 KUOW. He has earned a national reputation for his beyond-the-headlines approach to issues, and his intelligent and sensitive interviews with authors, scientists, artists and political leaders. Jini Palmer is the Digital Producer at Town Hall. Prior to joining Town Hall’s program team, she interned on 88.5 KNKX‘s Sound Effect, in addition to various film and music projects.


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Sep 30, 2017

Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright advocates for doctor-patient trust as the backbone of successful healthcare (1:30); Bob Sutton gives advice on how to deal with jerks in the workplace and ways to keep people from treating you like dirt (7:08); Max Tegmark discusses the importance of ethical standards in the development...

Sep 15, 2017

Daniel Handler and Sherman Alexie talk about Handler’s reason for writing his new book: All The Dirty Parts (1:22) John Nichols speaks about the vulnerabilities of the American political system (7:13) Sam Kean reveals the history of the air we breathe (12:55) Steve Scher talks with Major Margaret Witt about her...